Nobska MAVS-3 3 axis acoustic current meter instrument

Type: Current meter
Manufacturer: Nobska
Model: MAVS-3

Datasets produced [2]
info id site campaign sampling rate period dataset
METADATA 38 EMSO > Western Ionian Sea SMO 1 2 Hz June 10, 2012 - June 12, 2013 plot
METADATA 3 EMSO > Iberian Margin NEAREST 1 5 Hz August 26, 2007 - July 16, 2008 plot
type format size date
Manual PDF 1.23 MB 2006-01-11
Datasheet PDF 45.83 KB -
Main characteristics
serial number 10211
part number -
weight 2.27 kg
length 63.5 cm
width 8.26 cm
height 8.26 cm
material Titanium
storage type compact flash card
memory capacity 128 Mbyte
battery current -
Usage log
date description
2012-10-23 The current meter has been manually reconfigured to aquire at 2 Hz for the first 20 minutes of every hour, remaining "silent" for the remaining 40 minutes.
It was also setted the correct UTC time.
The configuration is currently under testing and will must be reconfigured in case of poweroff.
The following configuration parameters were selected for the current meter:
Measurement Frequency: 2.0 [Hz]
Measurements/Sample: 1 [M/S]
Sample Period: 0.50 [sec]
Samples/Burst: 2400 [S/B]
Burst Interval: 0 00:00:00 [DDD HH:MM:SS]
At 13.30 UTC The Acquisition Software was restarted.
2012-10-11 Between 8.00 and 9.45 UTC, current meter tests and acquisition software restarted
2012-10-10 Between about 13:55 and 15:05 UTC, tests were executed on changing of sampling rate of the Nobska current meter. At the end, the acquisition software was restarted
2012-09-10 At about 09.20 UTC started testing current meter configuration. At 10.55 UTC test completed and restarted acquisition software.