GNDT 2 campaign

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NEMO-SN1 cabled observatory operated from January 2005 to April 2008 in the central Mediterranean basin, offshore Eastern Sicily island (Italy) at 2036 m w.d.. This area is one of the most seismically active zone of the Mediterranean which has experimented distructive events and tsunamis.

Design and development of a seismic monitoring and alarm underwater network in areas highly exposed to seismic risk through a cabled multiparameter observation system - Development of a first node in Eastern Sicily (SN-1).

technical reference Giuditta Marinaro (INGV)
project GNDT-SN1
period September 20, 2005 - April 20, 2008
observatory NEMO-SN1
coordinates 37.54765 N, 15.3975 E (WGS84)
depth 2036.6 m
orientation 317°
METADATA id instrument type instrument model sampling rate dataset
RAW data QC data 8 CTD SBE 37-SM 1 sample / 10 min -
RAW data QC data 10 Current meter FSI 3D-ACM 2 Hz -
RAW data QC data 14 Gravimeter IFSI (INAF) Prototype #1 1 Hz -
RAW data QC data 11 Hydrophone OAS E-2PD 100 Hz -
RAW data QC data 7 Seismometer Guralp CMG-1T 100 Hz -
xml DIF
catalogues NASA GCMD
moist identifier moist.emso.western_ionian_sea.gndt-sn1.2005
citation Marinaro, Giuditta. (2005). GNDT 2 campaign using INGV/NEMO-SN1 seafloor platform during GNDT-SN1 project in Western Ionian Sea site (East Sicily), part of EMSO network.