Ocean Research by Integrated Observatory Networks

Period: January 2002 - January 2005

Link: http://roma2.rm.ingv.it/en/projects/european/55/ORION-GEOSTAR_3
Contact: Paolo Favali


ORION-GEOSTAR 3 project was aimed at the development and validation in real conditions of a prototype seafloor observatory network for long-term multidisciplinary studies in deep marine environment and at the integration of one of the ORION observatory into the shallow water network developed in the ASSEM EC project.

The development of a fully operative prototype network on the deep seafloor has been reached through:

  • the extension of capabilities and performances of existing systems developed in past EC MAST III projects (GEOSTAR and GEOSTAR 2);
  • the development of the necessary technologies to set-up, manage and operate the network and communicate with the seafloor network in near-real-time from land in a reliable and cost effective way;
  • the execution of a pilot experiment in a significant deep site of Mediterranean Sea;
  • the demonstration of the interoperability of one of the ORION satellite node in the shallow water monitoring array developed by the ASSEM project;
  • the analysis and critical evaluation of the scientific data and functionality parameters and results obtained.


Campaign list of this project
# campaign observatory site period
ORION 2 GEOSTAR - SN-3 ORION > Southern Tyrrhenian Sea June 13, 2004 - May 25, 2005
ORION 1 GEOSTAR - SN-3 ORION > Southern Tyrrhenian Sea December 02, 2003 - April 29, 2004