ORION 1 campaign

Campaign position on map

ORION is the first underwater network of multiparameter seafloor observatories, based on GEOSTAR and two new multiparameter satellite observatories (nodes). This system was successfully operated in a mission in Southern Tyrrhenian Sea, at the base of Marsili volcano (3320 m w.d.)

In ORION (Ocean Research by Integrated Observatory Networks), GEOSTAR was implemented to act as the main node of an underwater network of deep-sea observatories.
GEOSTAR was equipped with an acoustic subsystem devoted:
1) to a vertical communication, used to transmit data of the observatory network to the surface buoy;
2) to the horizontal communication among the nodes ("horizontal" acoustic link) receiving data from the satellite nodes.

technical reference Laura Beranzoli (INGV)
period December 02, 2003 - April 29, 2004
observatory GEOSTAR - SN-3
coordinates 39.48833 N, 14.17222 E (WGS84)
depth 3320 m
orientation 90°
METADATA id instrument type instrument model sampling rate dataset
RAW data no QC data 84 ADCP RDI WorkHorse 300 kHz 1 sample / hour download
RAW data QC data 83 CTD SBE 16 1 sample / hour plot
RAW data no QC data 87 Current meter FSI 3D-ACM 2 Hz plot
RAW data no QC data 85 Transmissometer Ctg Alphatracka II 1 sample / hour plot
xml DIF
catalogues NASA GCMD
moist identifier moist.orion.southern_tyrrhenian_sea.orion-geostar3.2003
citation Beranzoli, Laura. (2003). ORION 1 campaign using INGV/GEOSTAR - SN-3 seafloor platform during ORION-GEOSTAR3 project in Southern Tyrrhenian Sea site (Marsili Basin), part of ORION network.