GNDT 1 campaign

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SN-1 was conceived as the first node of the Italian submarine geophysical and environmental network, extending the observation capabilities of the permanent land-based networks. SN-1 represents the first evolution of GEOSTAR concept towards a lighter version of observatory, specifically devoted to geophysical and oceanographic investigations.
SN1 autonomous observatory operated from October 2002 to February 2003 in the central Mediterranean basin, offshore Eastern Sicily island (Italy) at 2071 m w.d.. This area is one of the most seismically active zone of the Mediterranean which has experimented distructive events and tsunamis.

Design and development of a seismic monitoring underwater observatory in areas highly exposed to seismic risk through an autonomous multiparameter observation system - Development of a first node in Eastern Sicily (SN-1).

technical reference Giuditta Marinaro (INGV)
project GNDT-SN1
period October 09, 2002 - February 20, 2003
observatory NEMO-SN1
coordinates 37.442217 N, 15.393117 E (WGS84)
depth 2071.5 m
orientation 311°
METADATA id instrument type instrument model sampling rate dataset
RAW data QC data 22 CTD SBE 37-SM 1 sample / 12 min plot
RAW data QC data 23 Current meter FSI 3D-ACM 2 Hz plot
RAW data QC data 24 Gravimeter IFSI (INAF) Prototype #1 1 Hz plot
RAW data QC data 25 Hydrophone OAS E-2PD 100 Hz -
RAW data QC data 27 Seismometer Guralp CMG-1T 100 Hz -
xml DIF
catalogues NASA GCMD
moist identifier moist.emso.western_ionian_sea.gndt-sn1.2002
citation Marinaro, Giuditta. (2002). GNDT 1 campaign using INGV/NEMO-SN1 seafloor platform during GNDT-SN1 project in Western Ionian Sea site (East Sicily), part of EMSO network.