MARSITE 1 campaign

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INGV, in collaboration with CNR-ISMAR and the EC project MARSITE partnership, has deployed the SN4 seafloor observatory in the Gulf of Izmit (Marmara Sea). The goal of this mission is to collect multidisciplinary timeĀ­series data to study the relationships between seismic activity and fluid flow along the North Anatolian Fault.

The deployment the SN4 submarine observatory along the North Anatolian Fault track in the Izmit Gulf was projected in order to collect a 1-year data series of seismicity an fluid emission from the seafloor and study possible correlations between seismicity and gas methane emission in an active seismic zone.

technical reference Gabriele Giovanetti ()
project MARSITE
period September 28, 2013 - April 22, 2014
observatory SN-4
coordinates 40.729036 N, 29.387172 E (WGS84)
depth 167 m
orientation 305.48°
METADATA id instrument type instrument model sampling rate dataset
RAW data QC data 49 CTD SBE 16plus 1 sample / 10 min -
RAW data QC data 47 Current meter Nobska MAVS-3 5 Hz -
RAW data QC data 54 Methane meter Franatech METS 1 Hz -
RAW data QC data 55 Methane meter Franatech METS 1 Hz -
RAW data QC data 48 Oxygen meter AADI Optode 3830 1 Hz -
RAW data QC data 52 Seismometer Guralp CMG-40T 100 Hz -
RAW data QC data 50 Turbidity meter ECO-NTU(RT)D 6000m 1 sample / 10 min -
xml DIF
catalogues NASA GCMD
moist identifier moist.emso.marmara_sea.marsite.2013
citation Giovanetti, Gabriele. (2013). MARSITE 1 campaign using /SN-4 seafloor platform during MARSITE project in Marmara Sea site (Marmara Sea), part of EMSO network.