Marmara Sea site

Network: EMSO
Area: Marmara Sea
Location: Ocean > Atlantic Ocean > North Atlantic Ocean > Mediterranean Sea


The Sea of Marmara and Istanbul area is the only one along the North Anatolian Fault system that did not experience a large earthquake during the XXth century. This heavily populated region (by more than 15 millions inhabitants) thus presents an exceptionally high earthquake risk.
The Marmara Demonstration Mission was funded in the framework of ESONET NoE project in order to contribute to the establishment of optimized permanent seafloor observatory stations for earthquake monitoring. The Marmara Sea offers the ideal location for seafloor seismogenic observations directed towards risk assessment.


Campaign list of this site
# campaign observatory project period
1 MARSITE 1 SN-4 MARSITE September 28, 2013 - April 22, 2014
2 MARMARA-DM SN-4 ESONET-MARMARA-DM October 05, 2009 - March 15, 2010