MARMARA-DM - Oxygen meter - QC dataset


Instrument: AADI Oxygen Optode 3830
Investigator: Beatrice Giambenedetti (INGV)
Observatory: SN-4

Citation: Giambenedetti, Beatrice. (2009). Oxygen meter dataset (AADI Optode 3830 @ 1 Hz) from INGV/SN-4 seafloor platform during ESONET-MARMARA-DM project in Marmara Sea site (Marmara Sea), part of EMSO network.

Abstract: The Optode sensor measures the dissolved oxygen concentration in sea water using a lifetime-based luminescence quenching principle. The dataset includes a measured device temperature channel and the oxygen saturation values [%] computed from concentration and temperature.

Purpose: The sensor is used to monitor the oxygen concentration dissolved in sea water and to provide oxygen concentration values needed by the methane sensor calibration formula.

Quality of data: The QC version of the datasets has been elaborated verifying sensor efficiency through post-calibration and standardized validation procedures. More information about QC procedures are contained in the download file

period October 05, 2009 - March 15, 2010
coordinates 40.729087 N, 29.398833 E (WGS84)
sampling rate 1 Hz
platform type Fixed benthic node
size 510 MB
records count 13,905,588
export formats NetCDF (CF), ODV4
license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)
dataset progress COMPLETE

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dissemination GENESI-DEC - NASA GCMD - EMSO Data Portal - ESONET Data Portal - ESONET Sensor
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uuid identifier urn:uuid:C58A49FC-406A-4D79-8B14-9C4F85C0B44B