MARMARA-DM - Methane meter dataset


Instrument: Franatech METS Methane Sensor
Investigator: Davide Embriaco (INGV)
Observatory: SN-4

Citation: Marinaro, G. (2009). Methane meter dataset (Franatech METS @ 1 Hz) from INGV/SN-4 seafloor platform during ESONET-MARMARA-DM project in Marmara Sea site (Marmara Sea), part of EMSO network [Data set]. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV).

Abstract: The Methane sensor provides two output analogue channels (Vmet, Vt) which are sampled at 1Hz by a dedicated Analog To Digital Converter of the SN4 station. From (Vmet, Vt) through a calibration formula, the dissolved methane concentration in sea water can be computed.

Purpose: The purpose of the methane sensor installation on the SN4 observatory is to monitor the variation of methane gas dissolved in sea water. The installation site is rich in gas seepage from seafloor, thus the variation in methane dissolved concentration can provide a mean to monitor gas emission from seabed. This sensor enable us to study methane gas emission dynamic and its correlation with other physical, oceanographical and seismic parameters in the site.

Quality of data: The data set is complete. The methane concentration computed from Vmet and Vt is a raw-uncorrected data; to obtain true methane concentration the raw value must be corrected taking into account oxygen concentration, following the device calibration formula. The temperature channel measures the device temperature.

period October 05, 2009 - March 15, 2010
coordinates 40.729087 N, 29.398833 E (WGS84)
sampling rate 1 Hz
platform type Fixed benthic node
size 818 MB
records count 13,905,588
export formats NetCDF (CF), ODV4
license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)
dataset progress COMPLETE

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moist identifier
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uuid identifier urn:uuid:53A167AA-DB31-4CB8-8E2D-00475991A9D0
doi identifier 10.13127/MD/53A167AA-DB31-4CB8-8E2D-00475991A9D0