NEAREST 1 - Pressure gauge - RAW dataset


Instrument: Paroscientific Digiquartz Depth Sensor 8CB-4000-I
Investigator: Davide Embriaco (INGV)
Project: NEAREST
Observatory: GEOSTAR

Citation: Embriaco, Davide. (2007). Pressure gauge dataset (Paroscientific 8CB-4000-I @ 1 sample / 15 sec) from INGV/GEOSTAR seafloor platform during NEAREST project in Iberian Margin site (Gulf of Cadiz), part of EMSO network.

Abstract: The dataset contains absolute pressure values measured by the Paroscientific 8CB-4000-I installed on the sea-bottom station GEOSTAR in the Gulf of Cadiz. Data are sampled at 15 seconds and with a resolution of 0.01 mbar.

Purpose: Pressure data were used to real time monitor the sea water level for tsunami warning purpose in the Gulf of Cadiz area. The data were analysed by a dedicated algorithm running on GEOSTAR which is able to detect a tsunami wave travelling on the sea surface and corresponding to few centimetres of sea water level changes.

Quality of data: Pressure data were recorded from 25 August 2007 until 6 April 2008. The record presents one gap of around 10 hours the day 18 October 2007 when the acquisition was stopped due to maintenance operation on the GEOSTAR site. In the remaining period the data recorded are the 99.8 % of the expected samples.

period August 26, 2007 - April 06, 2008
coordinates 36.36458 N, 9.48141 W (WGS84)
sampling rate 1 sample / 15 sec
platform type Fixed benthic node
size 39 MB
records count 1,286,323
export formats NetCDF (CF), ODV4
license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0)
dataset progress COMPLETE

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moist identifier moist.emso.iberian_margin.nearest.2007.geostar.pressure_gauge.4
oai identifier
uuid identifier urn:uuid:B82839FF-F350-4BB0-8405-0C19C618FE7A